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Fabric Selection

If a person were able to touch a color, they would feel its beauty through the texture of a fine fabric. Fabrics are how our senses mingle with the visual inspiration of wonderful color patterns. A well thought out fabric selection not only enhances the warmth and energy of your selected colors, it presents them to your visitors in a manner that goes beyond simple visual appeal and helps to compliment the overall experience of your design.

Color Selection

Color is the engine that drives the beauty of the design. Color selection is one of the most important aspects of the design process because if the colors are not selected and integrated properly, even the most artistic designs can appear flat and lifeless. Sometimes, even minor color changes can transform a dull space into an attractive location, and our depth of experience will help you find the right color personality for your project.

Furniture Selection

Furniture facilitates the process of synergy between your visitors and the colors and textures that create your surroundings. The right furnishings serve to augment the appeal of an interior design and offer a physically interactive element of its personality. We can help you determine the styles of furniture that best suit your particular space as well as the most flattering color and fabric choices.
We frequently work with new furniture but we also love to breathe new life into existing pieces by redesigning and reupholstering them.