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The Internet has changed the way we do nearly everything from shopping for products and services to gathering news and information. We realize that the Internet offers amazing possibilities for communicating, so why not use it to change how we go about designing the interior spaces of homes and businesses?

GP Interior Design offers a unique program that allows you to enlist a full suite of design services from the comfort of your own home or business via the Internet. Sketch up drawings, storyboards, and AutoCAD imagery of your proposed project can all be accomplished utilizing email, Skype, and the Internet. Send us some photographs of your home or office or walk us around your interior spaces via Skype, and we can put together a detailed design plan for you regardless of your location.

Whether you are in the process of reupholstering furniture to add ambiance to your surroundings or you want a complete makeover of your interior spaces; we can help. Maybe you want to redesign your storefront to draw more traffic? We have the tools to handle it while saving you time and money in the process. We have access to local sources and vendors all over the country and direct experience and resources in nearly every state.
Our online services are an excellent option for individuals and small businesses that want to save money on their remodeling costs but still want to have professional experience in their corner to guide them through the process. We customize our level of involvement in your project according to your individual needs and the complexity of the job. Before you start your next remodel or construction project, give us a call and find out just how much we have to offer. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Designs Online