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Design Services

There are several different elements to consider when planning a design or remodel of your home or business space. The success of your project depends on the experience and creativity of your interior design professional. GP Interior Design has the extensive background and understanding of the design process necessary to ensure the success of your project whether it is a straightforward remodel or a complex construction project.


Developing sketches of how your space will look is one of the first steps in the design process. A detailed sketch allows you to envision the finished appearance of your project while allowing you to make modifications to the design. Our highly detailed sketches offer a close representation of your completed project and give you a sense of what to expect in your projects transformation.


Architectural drawings provide detailed blueprints that act as a two dimensional guide to your project. Drawings are the next step in the design process after sketching and they provide the exact details and specifications necessary for the entire scope of the project. We also provide AutoCAD and SketchUp capabilities that allow us to render your plans into three dimensional computer images to comply with building codes and assist in the construction process.


​Storyboards are a unique collection of colors, textures, fabrics, and imagery placed together in a specific symmetry that delivers a sense of the impact a design offers. Storyboards can include color pallets and fabric patterns along with the various textures of woods, tiles, linens,and accents used in the design. The storyboard provides a form of sensory experience that helps determine how well the collective elements of the design fit together with your personality.